Numbers to 120 (1st – 2nd grades)


This kit supports the learning of numbers to 120 (and beyond).  Here the materials focus on the visual symbol, the verbal name, and sequence in which our numbers occur.

There’s more to learning our written number system than saying the numbers to 100!  Just like learning to read, students need to learn to recognize the symbols and the meaning of the symbols when in different locations within a number (just like the letter h in hop and chop).

This can be quite challenging for students and for teachers to come up with different ways to teach this.  These materials help diversify your manipulative choices.  This kit has everything a teacher needs to teach those 3 of the 4 aspects of numbers: symbolic, verbal, and sequence (the 4th aspect being quantity).   Our materials help you support students in concrete and visual development and then gradually remove that support to foster independence.  These materials support Math Recovery and AVMR teaching strategies.


Kit Contents:

  • 4 Aspects of Number chart
  • Numeral Cards to 120 (3 decks)
  • Numeral Track Set to 120
  • Floor Mat 0-100
  • 100 Bead Rekenrek – teacher
  • 100 Bead Student Rekenrek (6)
  • Write-on/wipe-off 120 charts
  • 120 mat with with removeable foam number tiles (3)
  • Numeral Tiles 0-100
  • Arrow Cards (0-999)-Teacher
  • Arrow Cards (0-999)-Student (set of 3)
  • Ten Frame Dice
  • Numeral rolls (0-100)

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