Fluency to 100 – Mental Strategies


2nd grade students must be fluent and flexible in mental computation to 100 using mental or non-count by one strategies, and be able to solve mental computation to 100 with base ten strategies.  This kit contains essential materials for small group instruction (5 students) in mental computation to 100.  If students are fluent in structuring to 10 & 20, mental computation naturally follows.

Learning the base-ten number system is challenging and these materials help diversify your manipulative choices.  This kit has everything a teacher needs to delve into teaching computation within and including 100 at high levels of fluency.  Children go through phases of learning combinations to twenty and then applying those skills to solving to 100.  Our materials help you support students in concrete and visual development and then gradually remove that support to foster independence.  These materials support Math Recovery and AVMR teaching strategies.

Kit Contents:

  • Phases of Learning combinations to 100 chart
  • Empty Number Lines (10) write-on/wipe-off
  • Teaching model (write on/wipe off) – Intermediate Empty Number Line
  • Student models (write on/wipe off) – Intermediate Number Line
  • Teacher Model -100 Bead String
  • Student set – 100 bead strings
  • Structuring to 100 dice set (40+ dice)
  • Ten-frame structuring dice

Items not pictured

  • Numeral Cards to 120 (2 decks)
  • Thinking Cards – Questions to solve – Parts 1 & 2
  • 2” magnetic dice (Set of 4 ) – write-on/wipe-off
  • Counting sticks – set
  • 300 Counters

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