About Us

Understanding how and why our number system works is the underpinning of all future mathematical growth. At Counting Spots, we find, design and create the flexible materials teachers need while helping their students along their numeracy comprehension journey. Strong groundwork in number sense, critical thinking, problem solv-ing and computational fluency helps students be successful in advanced math.

We understand the anxiety and stress that many teachers feel when it’s time to teach math.  Many of us are as unsure as our students when it comes to mathematics.  At Counting Spots, we’ve learned that it’s okay to make mistakes right along with your students.  By creating fun, game-like mathematical situations and tasks, students and teachers learn at higher levels.  Most importantly, we remember what is learned and can apply it in real life situations!

  • We create inquiry situations for our students.
  • We allow participants to share their experiences in order to learn from one another.
  • We encourage learners to take risks and have fun!

Our exclusive products are created by teachers and printed locally. We can also do custom kits for your school or district and professional development. Just ask!

3 Aspects of Number Structuring Numbers to 10


Playing cards

  • Hands, dots, dice, frames, tally marks, numerals, number words
    Flash cards/dice inserts

Flash cards/dice inserts

  • Hands, dots, dominoes, frames, tally marks, numerals, number words


Meet Our Experts

Our Professional Learning team consists of current teachers with experiences in classroom, intervention, ELL, Special Education, Gifted Education, Curriculum coach, school-level leadership, as well as district-level leadership.